Please, check at least monthly

Hi dear readers, I have been a bit lacking in my “breast cancer awareness posts”. I have to admit I also forgot to do my regular checks but my yearly mammogram appointment brought it all back into focus.

Maybe I start to follow Di’s practice to do it it every time I am in the shower because many women and men discover lumps that turn out to be cancer themselves. I cannot stress how important this self-examination is!

So here is another video to give you tips and information about breast cancer and the self-examination. Please, give it a like and/or a follow for the creator as it is much hard work to create these. Thanks

Video crecit: Canceredinstitute via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: check your boobs!!!!

2 thoughts on “Please, check at least monthly

  1. You are very welcome and I think I am going to start your practice too. As it was so busy lately I forgot my monthly one and that’s not good enough. I hope all goes well for you in Sptember. 🥰


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