Scar clan/ Narben Clan

August 2022

I am not sure I found my clan just yet. But I start to suspect there are women who are on the path on their own. And that’s ok 😇

August 2017

“Women who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes ist a book I read on and off. Here are some of my thoughts from May 2011:

Clarissa Pinkola-Estes wrote in her book “women who run with the wolves” that it is important to find your clan, to find a group that you belong to. She calls it the scar clan as the book is about instinct injured women. Women who have learned to act how society wants them to but to ignore their own nature and needs. In a way a lot of artists are the same. They have or had to deal with some sort of trauma and often learned to adapt to societies expectations instead of living their art. The more I have a look at artists and art itself the more I get the feeling that dealing with pain is one part of good art because you need to know the whole spectrum of life to be able to express the depth of life in an artful way.

I am dealing with feelings of pain and anger right now and I feel that there is an enormous power behind them. Both power to gain what you need but also the power to express. Facing these feelings and facing the trauma is a freeing experience.

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