Re-post: Support your creative fellow humans

August 2022

It’s not me, because I never developed the tenacity and the discipline to keep writing.

August 2017

I still try to get over that and other “good” advice!

April 2011

Well today I got a letter from someone very close. I wrote to her about my love for writing and that I wanted to do more with it. She answered with something like “get a proper job your writing will never give you any money!” I felt really motivated to go on lol!
Have been reading a lot spiritual blogs, sites, books lately and most of them said the same thing: What ever you feel you should do you have to do even though your fellow humans will tell you that you won’t be able to support yourself with it. But if you have a look at really successful people then you know that they often do things everyone would say about: “you can not earn a penny with it!” but they do anyway. So why not me?!

Video credit: Reedsy via YouTube

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