Re-post: Country Bumpkin

August 2022

Blimey, I have become even a bigger country bumkin than I was back then. The further away from people the better 😅

August 2017

Ah, one of my all-time favourite posts:

April 2011

I admit it! I am a devoted country bumpkin!

It is an enormous riddle to me how people can live and be happy in cities like London, Berlin or Paris. Yes, ok, for a Weekend that is fine but a whole life??????
Why would I want to run to the bus to get the one that just starts its new journey even though the next one comes just 10 min later while I can walk slowly to my car to get where ever I want in the countryside because there are no suitable bus services?
Why would I want to drive for hours to show my children a tulip or an oak tree while both grow in my garden in the country?
And why would I want to pay double or triple prices for my drinks while I get invited to get drunk for free by my neighbours in the country?
Of course, I have overdone the above remarks slightly but can concrete, glass and traffic jams to the end of the world with bored school classes and tourists everywhere really give you a high level of quality of life?
These were the kind of questions that went through my mind while I was sitting on the top deck of a double-decker bus on line 11 London. I came along St. Pauls’s Cathedral, the Guards, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, all the theatres, Scotland yard both old and new and… It is amazing to see all the great architecture and feel the history but it was noisy, hot and made me a bit dizzy. I could not wait to get back.
I sat in a little cafe a little bit later and thought about Virginia Wolf who needed London and all its business for her inspiration even though it worsened her depression at the same time. She had a reason for a life in a city but what is that reason for all those others?

2 thoughts on “Re-post: Country Bumpkin

  1. Schön! Also I agree! Und ich bin auch ein eingefleischtes Country Egg :o) und werde das gerne bleiben. Ab und zu einen Hupf in die City ist toll – aber ich komme immer wieder gerne zurück auf's Land und in eine hektik-freie Zone.


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