To my Australian Friends and Followers: They Need Somebody’s Help

To my friends & followers in Australia. I have shared with you many times what a lovely pet our rescued ex-racer greyhound Sherky is.
Today, I read with a heavy heart on Instagram @amazing_greys post that I shared above. They cannot help any more animals as their capacities are currently full. They are a wonderful greyhound organisation who help rescue and re-home ex-racer greyhounds and helped save many from a terrible fate.
If you are thinking of getting a dog or know of someone who wants to please ADOPT DON’T SHOP. Consider re-homing one from Amazing Greys because greyhounds are one of the most amazing pets you can ever have.
And if you can’t re-home could you please be so kind and share their story so that more lovely dogs can find a home? Your support is much appreciated!
Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: adopt don’t shop!

You can find out more about Amazing Greys here at their homepage

Amazing Greys

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