Trying Out Something New

Good afternoon, all you lovely people. I hope you and yours are well. In July I started writing on Patreon but am still figuring things out. 🙄
It is nowhere as blogger friendly as WordPress but once you get the hang of it it is a great way of sharing your content and creations. 💕

For all those who do not know Patreon: it is a page where creators can be paid for their creations via memberships for fans & followers. There are set tiers with different benefits so everybody can find a membership that works for them. A little like “Buy Me A Coffee” or “Kooffie”.
Today I posted my patrons only newsletter which should have gone out on Saturday but I scheduled it for the wrong day. Biiiiig oooops 😳 We got there though.

Andy, Sherky & Bee in front of Assaranca Waterfall close to the Maghera Caves

I am a little reluctant to shout about it too much because I have started so many blogs in recent years and stopped them that I feel no one would support it anyway. But if I do not get over myself in this then how shall I gain any supporters?

This link leads you to my page and the tiers I have chosen. Please, check it out and let me know what you think. Your support means the world to us.

So far, I manage my set writing schedules and my mantra is: “I have no excuse so enjoy the writing Journey!” I do because how can you not enjoy it when you write looking out on this?

View out of the window at our room at Loch Connell Lodge. (For visually impaired readers: dark green bushes and hills under blue sky with white clouds. Image is framed by top of a black car at the bottom left and part of white wall with grey corner stones of the house)

It doesn’t matter what the weather does, I just love to sit here and read, write or knit and crotchet. 😇

I have scheduled a couple of posts here on WP so you will get some that say:” Oh, we do not know anything just yet” in the future.

However, we do know a little. We are in Ireland and stay in a gorgeous guest house called Loch Connell Lodge. I’ll share a post about it a little later in the week. We are in Donegal the most Northern County of the Republic of Ireland which is absolutely breathtaking:

Dooey Beach ( for visually impaired readers: white sand with a range of mountains in the background. A line of sea and waves at the right of the photo)

We have organised a solicitor & applied for a PPS number which is the Irish National Insurance Number both of which we need to buy property here.

And we have seen online a couple that would work. So far, so good. Everything goes a little slower here which we love. That is what we came here for. And I can’t emphasise enough how lovely, friendly and welcoming the Irish people are despite the struggles to give lots of Ukrainian people refuge. This country and its people rock!

This is a short update for all of you and I will add more as the time goes by and share on Patreon too.

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock!

2 thoughts on “Trying Out Something New

  1. That’s really cool you’re making a writing career for yourself. I don’t think I could quite commit to that at this moment in time in my life (then again is there ever the perfect time to do anything?).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I am terribly scared I am finding lots of excuses again. But we are currently trying to get a viewing for a house that belonged to an Irish writer, John McGahern. I’ve never heard of him but imagine how cool that would be? I certainly have no excuses then 🥰


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