Where Is She?

Hyālō, my dear fellow virtual travelers. It’s been a long time since Mallory traveled last. I slowly try to get into a writing routine again that includes bigger posts and stories. Hope you enjoy:


I want to mention one thing: The story does live in an alternate universe where we do not have to bother with COVID. There are political and environmental issues that are similar to our reality but all are made up. Please forgive me.

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Bianca turned around in one of the reception halls at Dhaka International Airport. She stood between two of the many huge concrete pillars holding up the roof. Their tops looked like white round garden tables on which a flat roof was dumped. Behind her, she felt a cool breeze coming from many air-conditioned shops and lounges. “I wish airports were a little quieter,” Bianca thought while she looked through the huge windows towards the hustle and bustle of airport passengers arriving and leaving.  Announcements in English and Bengali washed over her and conversations in many languages were everywhere.

“Not five minutes out of the plane and she is already gone?!” Bianca thought. She looked around but could hardly make anything out in the sea of color from saris and the holiday clothes of her fellow travelers. Mallory had booked a taxi to take them to the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel. “This hotel looks like a real treat in the videos.” Bianca thought “But where is she so we can get that darn Taxi?”

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Bianca then turned and saw a tall dark haired woman leaning against one of the pillars. She stood out in the colorfulness of travelers because she only wore black clothes. The woman stared at her then deliberately turned away and walked towards the toilets when Bianca did not lower her eyes or looked away from the other woman’s stare.

“There are some very strange people around!” She thought. “Is she gone?!” Mallory asked directly behind her. “WT… you nearly gave me a heart attack! Where have you been? I was looking for you!” Bianca nearly shouted.

“Good! If you couldn’t see me neither could she!” “What are you talking about?” Bianca said. ” I am talking about my ex.” Mallory pulled a face and looked all around her then huddled back behind a pillar close by.

“Your ex?” That was all Bianca could answer. “Yeah, I hoped she wouldn’t come!” Bianca sighed and picked up on Mallory looking around herself all the time.  She joined in despite not knowing what Mallory’s ex looked like. “What do mean with: I thought she wouldn’t come? Have you been in contact with her?”

“Good grief NO. Why would I have done that?” “How else could she know you are here?!” Mallory looked sheepish. “WHAT?!” Bianca raised an eyebrow but stopped looking around when Mallory didn’t answer directly. “We might have planned to come here together and I oversaw the date when you and I decided to come here.” “You ARE joking, aren’t you?” Mallory slowly shook her head.

“So your ex, who you left without saying a word and took all her money is here and might have seen you?” Mallory nodded with her eyes cast down. “Which hotel did you want to go to?” “A smaller one outside Dakha. Can’t remember the name… Oh sh.., she is over there with some official!” Mallory pointed to a desk at the end of the hall where the dark-haired woman spoke to a young woman. Bianca looked and said:” It might not be the police. I don’t recognize the uniform.” Mallory grabbed Bianca’s arm and whispered: ” Maybe it’s a good time to go to the taxi?” Bianca nodded and grabbed her bags. “At last!” she thought.

They rushed through the masses to the exit and didn’t stop until they saw a sign on a taxi with their name on it. The elderly driver came around the car to greet them and put their luggage into the boot. Mallory let him know where they were going and fell back into her seat. “I doubt any of the bloggers advise on how to escape your ex” she grinned and opened her phone to show Bianca another video:

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