We are now on our adventure for about a month. Everything worked astonishingly well. Of course, there was some stress and hick-ups but all in all we feel happy.

And for the first time in some years I feel we are on the right path. It was scary at first to meet many people again but we feel safer here than in the UK.

Back in August I wrote on Instagram about fear:

My life has always been guided by intuition. It is well tuned into which path is a positive one for me and which isn’t. And sometimes even a path must be taken despite it being difficult.

But this one is a positive one. And we hope we can bring something positive into being for future generations.

Intuition isn’t “just feelings”. It’s our inner guidance system that we have lost the ability to read. But when life doesn’t make sense anymore often times we learn it’s language again.


"Just feelings
And thoughts.
Nothing real"
They say
Doesn't rhyme

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember the language of your intuition 🥰

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