Re-post: 9/11 again/ wieder der 11. September

Can you remember where you have been when you heard or saw the news about the attacks of the World Trade Center in New York at 11. September 2001?

I was driving to do my shopping and was listening to a radio station, that usually did many silly jokes. The first thing I thought was: “They went too far with this joke!” A few minutes later the news were on and again they said that the World Trade Center was on attack. Nothing was clear. I was totally shocked, finished my shopping as fast as I could and went back to watch tv.

I could not believe my eyes that the towers still stood. The journalists though said, they can’t crash. I saw people jumping out of the windows out of desperation and firefighters and others do as much as they could to save as many as they could. And then the towers tumbled down!

I wished so much, that all this would not have happened! And I asked myself what would come from it…

Kannst Du Dich erinnern, wo Du warst als Du die Nachricht vom Anschlag auf das World Trade Center in New York am 11. September 2001 gehoert oder gesehen hast?

Ich war auf dem Weg zum Einkaufen mit dem Auto und habe einen Radiosender gehoert, der normalerweise ziemlich doofe Witze macht. Das erste, was ich dachte war: “Mit dem Witz sind sie jetzt aber zu weit gegangen!” Ein paar Minuten spaeter kamen die Nachrichten und sie bereichteten wieder, dass auf das World Trade Center ein Anschlag veruebt wurde. Nichts war klar. Ich war ganz schoen geschockt, habe so schnell wie moeglich den Einkauf erledigt und bin nach Hause vor den Fernseher.

Ich konnte meinen Augen nicht glauben, dass die beiden Tuerme noch standen. Die Journalisten sagten alle, dass es nicht moeglich ist, dass sie zusammenstuerzen. Ich sah Menschen aus den Fenstern springen aus Verzweiflung und die Feuerwehr und andere Hilfskraefte tun, was sie konnten, um so viele wie moeglich, zu retten. Und dann stuerzten die Tuerme ein!

Ich wuenschte mir so sehr, dass niemals passiert wäre. Und ich fragte mich, was daraus wohl nun entstehen wuerde…

3 thoughts on “Re-post: 9/11 again/ wieder der 11. September

  1. Oh gosh yes I remember. I was thirteen years old and in eighth grade. I live about an hour and a half from NYC. The weather that day was literally picture-perfect. I never saw since then such a deep blue beautiful sky. And I will never ever get those images of the towers and the people or the sounds of the recordings of answering machine message and 911 calls out of my head. To this day I get nervous when I hear low-flying planes. It’s terrible how kids born after that even don’t even know what it is.

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      1. I mean, I wasn’t directly involved. My fiance lived in New York at the time and was in high school. The students were certainly terrified, because so many people had family in the city. I wasn’t directly affected in that way. I just feel so strongly for all those poor people who died so terribly.

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