I Stand With Chad

There I promised myself, from now on I WILL post when I have planned to post. And… I am doing it. Sort of ๐Ÿ˜‡

These “I Stand With…” posts are not in-depth analyses of what is going on but more a highlight, that there is war in many forms in different countries and not only that one that the mainstream media currently favors.

Today we are having a look at Chad a country in the centre of Africa which was ravaged by civil war for decades after it’s independence from France.

First, some simple facts about Chad:

Video credit: Hauwa Aguillar via YouTube. Please, give a like or even a follow to support her work.

It has the nickname “the dead center of Africa” because most of its landmass is desert which might explain it’s long conflict with Sudan. However, Lybia tried to annex part of the country, too.

Decades ago oil was found but the continuous civil war prevented its extraction. I assume that explains Lybia’s interest in Chad. Only in the 2000s, Esso could start a pipeline and Al Jazeera asked the question in this video if that was a blessing or curse. It’s a video from 2011.

Video credit: Al Jazeera via YouTube. Please, give a thumbs up if you liked their report.

But maybe it all boils down to climate change and a shrinking Lake Chad:

Video credit: The New Africa Channel via YouTube. Please, give a thumbs up for the creators of this video if liked it.

And the latest news? A peace deal has been signed between Chad’s government and many rebel groups about a month ago:

Video credit: Reuters via YouTube. Please, give a thumbs up if you liked their report.

I have to admit looking into the strive of many of these countries has shown me how little I know of Africa. But also how many different interpretations there are about the reasons for their struggle.

Let’s pray this peace deal will work and Chad will develop in a harmonic way in the future.

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: peace is not a given – we need to protect it with all we have.

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3 thoughts on “I Stand With Chad

      1. Sadly the opening lines from a Johnny Cash song holds true:
        ‘Bad news travels like wildfire.
        Good news travels slow’
        It is very thought-provoking to think that a stretch of land the Sahel at times seems like one low-key war zone.
        May there be better days, sooner rather than later.๐Ÿ™

        Liked by 1 person

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