Mallory Sobbed And Sobbed (potentially triggering content)

Hello, everybody happy Saturday despite everything.


I want to mention one thing: The story does live in an alternate universe where we do not have to bother with COVID. There are political and environmental issues that are similar to our reality but all is made up. Please forgive me 

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Mallory sat in the grass in front of the lake behind the Radisson Blu. She contemplated the mirror images of trees and the building behind her in the lake while she slowly breathed out and in.

“It’s not enough air” she thought and put her hand to her chest. Her heart was beating wildly despite her slow breathing. It did not calm down. “She is here!” Mallory thought and images of her ex’s dark hair flickered through her mind.

Mallory flopped her back to the ground. She moved her hands along the warm grass and concentrated on the feeling of grass on her back. “She is not here. She is not here…” Mallory whispered like a mantra and took a deep breath. She hold it for as long as she could. Then she let it go. Her heart slowed down a little. She sat up again and hugged her legs staring again at the water’s images.

“I wish I had watched that video with Bianca,” she thought. “At least, I could make a plan of what to do in Myanmar”.

Video credit: V travels via YouTube. Please, give them a like or even a follow for their brilliant work.

She put her hand in the pocket of her black dress. “I love those red roses on this dress,” She thought and felt her mobile in her pocket but didn’t take it out. “What if she sent a message?” Her heart started racing again. “F… I go mad” she suddenly screamed out. A couple of birds close by flew up.

“Those birds haven’t done anything to you, have they?” Mallory heard Bianca’s voice behind her. She started to cry. “Oh, girl” Bianca sat down beside Mallory and took the younger woman in her arms. “It’ll be ok. Don’t worry.” Mallory sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

They sat like this for a while. Mallory slowly calmed down and sat up. She put her head in her hands and sighed. “She looks like she ran a marathon,” Bianca thought looking at Mallory’s hanging shoulders and slack arms.

“If you want we skip Bangladesh and directly go to Myanmar?” Bianca said quietly. “She could follow us!” Mallory whispered without sitting up. Bianca sighed. “Yes, she could. Have you actually seen her since the airport?” “No” Mallory whispered. “Did you plan to come here to the Radisson?” Bianca went on. “No”. “Ok!”

Mallory looked up. “Her body suddenly looks relaxed and not exhausted,” Bianca thought but didn’t say anything.

“We wanted to stay at that Air B&B villa a little outside of Dakha and do excursions!” Mallory said. “That sounds nice!” Bianca answered. “She would never spend the money for the Radisson. Not even with the reductions we got” Mallory went on. “That villa was so cheap!” “Ok!” “I think, I would love to go to Mandalay” Mallory whispered again. “Ok. ” Bianca started to rub Mallory’s back. “I know, she is not here” Mallory went on. “But I am so scared. It’s like my mind switched off and I see her everywhere.”

She put her head back into her hands. “I don’t know how to let that go!” “Talk to me” Bianca ventured. “What did she do?” Mallory looked up and made a face. ” She always said nasty things about me. You know nothing obvious. Just a nasty word here and there. And then she did something really nice. It was confusing.” Bianca nodded but said nothing. ” She always asked who I was talking or writing to and I still feel like she is watching me.” Mallory shivered. “And she tried to get to my money. I don’t know why I snapped then. It was granny’s money to support me. I didn’t need my ex’s money. She just deserved to be punished” Mallory hit the grass with her hand and then rubbed the hand nearly at the same time. “Ouch!”

“I see,” Bianca said “Did “Jumping Places,” say in their video where they stayed in Mandalay.?” Bianca asked. “I can’t remember.” “Well, let’s have a look and make a plan!”

Video credit: Jumping Places via YouTube. Please, give them a like or even a follow for their brilliant work.

Thanks, my dears, for staying with me until the end of this blog post.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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