One of the reasons…

… we decided against boat life 😦

Video credit: sort of interesting via YouTube

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There are not many boatlifers who mention openly how much the canals have changed since 2020. He does and we think he is very courageous.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

3 thoughts on “One of the reasons…

  1. One of our regrets when we were liveaboards was not exploring the canals as we’d hoped. The only time we did, it was to take the boat up for brokerage, but it was a wonderful 9 day trip.
    We had a residential mooring on the River Avon so this meant we had an address, but we also had to pay local taxes (council tax) as well as our mooring fees, plus a licence for the river and boat insurance. We loved the life though, it was very restful and easy going, but then when traveling our maximum speed was only 4 mph. We made a lot of friends too. From what we have heard, the boating way of life has got expensive and there is a lot more red tape before you hit the water.
    Would we go back?Had our health had not deteriorated as much as it did, we would never have left.

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