This time of the month

Hello out there dear readers, how are you? We hope you are well a d that you enjoy All Hallow’s Eve if you live somewhere where they celebrate it.

We have seen some awesome decorations here in Ireland but our Halloween day this year is simply for us. Today we are married ten years and we can’t believe it’s that long.

It’s also my chosen day for checking my breasts and to encourage you to do the same. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over and I haven’t mentioned it once. That’s not good enough, is it 😘?

So ladies and gents (yes, you can get breast cancer too). Check your breasts/ chest and if you feel a lump go to the doctor and insist on a check-up. Yes, insist! It’s better to have been checked and it’s nothing than you thought “oh, nothing to worry about” and a year down the line you have to go through cancer treatment.

I know breast cancer is one of the best treatable cancers and the survival rate is great but battling cancer is a lot of hassle and you don’t want that. Believe me!

If they catch a tumor early you can get away with an operation or “just” tablets. If it’s gone further you need the whole shebang and that’s expensive and difficult to deal with. I’ll stop here and go and take the Tamoxifen to make sure I stay free of the b…… .

Video credit: WGN Network via YouTube
Video credit: Best Damn Self via YouTube

Ok ladies and gentleman, let’s rock that breast self-awareness and get our medical team’s work g if we do d something because guess what? WE ARE WORTH IT!

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

17 thoughts on “This time of the month

  1. Happy Anniversary Bee. Ten years is your Tin anniversary, though if it;s 40 as Jill says above, that’s your Ruby anniversary.
    Just got the all clear for my annual mammogram and ultrasound, so I’m good. Hope all is well for you. Keep safe.

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