Good News & People Assemble…

… it’s time to become our own superheroes and fight back against all those practitioners of the dark arts of aggression, the non-existence of decency & compassion, and simply being a jerk!!!

My friend Jill over at “Filosofa’s Word” has difficulty staying hopeful in the face of idiots not being compassionate. You can read her reasons here. Please, head over and hug her gently to get through the darkness.

So I promised to start the “Good News Tuesday” posts again to not let the dark side win. There is still power in us all, and those who want a “the stronger will survive”-world will not make this world into a bigger sh**hole than it already is!

So my good news story for this Tuesday is this lovely person taking a stranger to Disneyland and making his day:

Now that’s the true face of humanity!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember to share a good news story!!!!

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