So many laughs

Hello, out there, all you lovely people. It’s an honour to share content with you and you have given me so so much support over the years. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your patience, input and Feedback enormously. You rock, my dears. And because the world is such a dark place currently, I am sharing another joyful channel.

I have been offline a lot since September and used the time to learn on Skillshare and get organised for the next twelve months. It was great to be off the bad daily news for a while. We also used it to watch a couple of incredibly funny YouTube Channels.

One is Canadian actress & singer Charlotte Dobre whose positive and high-energy presentation of entitled people being owned, bridezillas getting it back, and instant Karma for bad bosses just make us giggle all the time.

Please, check her out, and if you like what she does as much as we do, give her a follow and like. Thanks.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!!!!

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