I stand with Congo – both of them

Yes, peeps, I didn’t know that either. There are two Congos. One used to be Zaire if I understand that right and both have trouble with violence. However, the one everybody talks about is the Democratic Republic of Congo which used to be Zaire. Confused? Yes, I too so let’s listen to someone who understands the whole thing better than me.

The Geography Now videos are from 6 years ago but please give a like or even a follow to support Braby and his team. I have no rights to any videos used.

video credit: Geography Now via YouTube

And here is the smaller brother whom probably no one knows 😁

video credit: Geography Now via YouTube

The next video is from four months ago and explains why tensions between Ruanda and the DR of Congo have erupted again. Again, I have no rights to the videos but feel free to give a like or even a follow. DW is a great resource to understand the world today.

video credit: DW via YouTube

This video is from two weeks ago. And I start thinking about how my use of tech does fuel the conflicts in Africa because so often they are about resources and who can use them. But it’s Western Corporations or even governments that reap the profits not the country’s people.

video credit: France24 via YouTube

And the last one is from two days ago. If you are interested in a different view point check out Aljazeera’s programs which shows news from a non-western point of view.

video credit: Al Jazeera via YouTube

So many conflicts around the world and we hear hardly anything about it. Sad 😔

Despite everything, please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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