Calling for prompts for “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”

Yes, peeps, it’s that time of the year when I start planning my February Music Blog event “Love Is In Da Blog“.

Whoa, I can’t believe nearly a whole year is already gone by. I remember last year, I didn’t plan to do a “Love Is In Da Blog 2022” because of our move but did one anyway.

Things are still not settled for us but we’ll get there and I can’t wait for all the music we are going to share.

I try to make it as different and interesting every year as I can but I have to admit one of the greatest “Love Is In Da Blog Events” was the 2020 one where you suggested prompts. And that is why I am going back to that format for 2023.

So I am calling for 28 music-inspired prompts that have to do with everything love-related.

Please, send your prompt suggestion and a link to your blog at thebeecreates(at) so I can mention you and your blog in the prompt posts. There won’t be a theme as such so any idea, any genre, and any time are welcome.

Unless I get a lot more suggestions than the 28 needed ones, I will use all your prompts and am looking forward to the music festival we are going to create together. But please, make sure you give other bloggers the chance too, to add a prompt. Last entries should be by mid January. So I accept offers up to January 15th, 2023.

Thanks for your support and

please stay safe, stay kind and remember to send me a music prompt for “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”.

Video credit: Auri via YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Calling for prompts for “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”

  1. I came up with 23 prompts, although you may have used some of them before.
    Love song that makes you happy.
    Love song that makes you sad.
    Love song about desire, flirting, or seduction.
    Love song about attraction, intimacy, or lust.
    Love song about a doomed relationship, or a forbidden love.
    Love song about a crush, or an infatuation, or an intimate encounter.
    Love song about jealousy.
    Love song about eyes.
    Love song about heart.
    Love song about lips, or kissing.
    Love song that reminds you of your current partner, or a previous partner.
    A song about love at first sight.
    A song about a toxic relationship.
    A song about looking for love.
    A song about finding love in an unexpected place.
    A song about a one nightstand.
    A song about reuniting with an old flame.
    A song about a bad date.
    A song about a love triangle.
    A song about loneliness, heartache, lost love, or unrequited love.
    A song about breaking up, falling out of love, or moving on.
    A romantic love song that includes a commitment, or a promise.
    A song about unconditional love.

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