I Stand With Ethiopia

Happy Saturday despite everything. Today’s “I Stand With…” post might have a happy ending.

Ethiopia has an interesting history being one of the few or maybe the only African country that did not fully become colonised despite Britain, Portugal and Italy trying their best, well more, worst when it comes to violence. Again there was so much that I didn’t know; for example, Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. Also, Ethiopia was one of the Communist countries, and many of their ruling families claimed a connection to King Salomon. I knew, however, of their incredible churches carved out of rock.

There is a peace deal in the works, but the question is how long it will last. Find out more about the history and the conflict in Ethiopia

A history of Ethiopia from 3 years ago

video credit: Epimetheus via YouTube

Please, as always, give the creators of the videos I am sharing a like or even a follow. It’s their income and supports them even if they are national news channels.

An explanation of the conflict from 1 year ago

video credit: Vox via YouTube

We watched France24 and heard about this conflict, too, but I didn’t understand the background until now. This video is from 2 months ago

video credit: France24 via YouTube

And here is the news about the maybe happy end.

Video credit: DW via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock.

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