So many lovely places, so little time!

Happy Wordless Wednesday by dears

This was at a car park in Carrick-on-Shannon in front of a restaurant on a boat. (For visually challenged readers: A small round table and two chairs stand in water in front of a river boat. There is a fence behind the chairs and grass and a block of stone to the front.)

This is the little Loch at Dungloe River Walk. (For visually challenged readers: Some trees stand at the shore of a lake. You can see them mirrored in the water. Behind them is a hill with brown grass and a forest on top with some light blue sky. All of it is reflected in the lake. )

This is Bunbeg cove with Bad Eddy. “Bad” should have a tick on top of the a and means “boat” in Irish. This boat was stranded here in the 1970s and has recently become a tourist attraction (for visually challenged readers: a small shipwreck in the middle of the photo and a bay surrounded by sand and dunes full of grass. In the background, a huge big white building which used to be a hotel. Bunbeg village is beside it to the right. In the background rises Mount Errigal, and above is a blue sky. )

This is either Carrick Finn or Meghary beach. We have seen many oystercatchers since we came back to Donegal. You can see the little holes in the sand where they picked food in the sand. (For visually challenged readers: Five oyster catchers on a beach full of seaweed and in front of rough sea. )

This is halfway around the route at Troll Wood in Leitrim. This is close to Lough Gill a little east of Parke’s Castle. They created another Fairy village in the wood with many fairy doors and lovely images. It is awesome. (For visually challenged readers: bottom of a tree trunk. A sign to the left says Warning: I may be prone to Shenanigans and Malarkey. To the right is a blue fairy door with a green surround and a red window. A blue and grey and white stone in front of both. Old wet leaves underneath.)

This is Troll wood in Leitrim. A truly magical and wild place (for visually challenged readers: the path along a wild Brook in the middle of the forest with ferns and mosses.)

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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