Kindled a Storm

You might have read that I am now also blogging on Patreon. Patreon is a page for creatives to share more personal things for followers, friends and fans who want to support that creative directly without buying things or adverts. You can join a tier and get different perks depending on your pay. I am sharing my current writing story, our journey here in Ireland, quotes, poetry videos and a speculative fiction serial that I worked on before called “Morsmart at the End of the Galaxy”. I also have planned to do a weekly poetry prompt for “Verse my Day”. “Verse my Day” is my poetry project in which I encourage you to write a poem a day to capture the essence of that day. It is a great way to journal without writing an actual diary.

The writing bit on Patreon works quite well so far despite our travelling, but I have some trouble improving the videos. I hope to manage that better soon. There are posts that are free to read and watch, so feel free to head over and check them out. You find a list of posts underneath the membership levels and just need to scroll to the free ones.

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I wrote this poem for the weekly prompt of “Kindness” on International Kindness Day in November

Kindled a storm
In the water bottle.
Not to mention the 
Darkness & Dreams.
Never did I fear eternity 
Even when my soul's wings
Scratched the ground.
Surveilling life is what counts!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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