I stand with Iraq

Yes, it does not look like Iraq has gotten any peace since the US and its allies got in to eliminate terrorists. Strange that their actions have created more terrorism rather than less. Or maybe I am wrong? We are not hearing much about Iraq lately, are we?

This first video is from 2014, but I believe it explains much about what is happening today. Please, as always, give the creators a like or a follow so they can keep creating. Thanks.

video credit: Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell via YouTube

This video is from two months ago and shows a glimpse of the current problems in Iraq.

video credit: The Insider News via YouTube

This video is from August 2022 about the same outbreak of violence.

video credit: DW via YouTube

This video is from November 2022. Looks like Iran and Turkey are trying to complicate everything.

video credit: AP via YouTube

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember to send a prayer for the countries crippled by violence.

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