Moon & Stars Hold Gentle Court

Another week is nearly over, and Christmas is arriving scaringly fast. Maybe today is the day for you to take a minute with your favourite hot or cold beverage (depending on where you experience Christmas), sit down and relax. None of your chores will run away, you know 😉 . They’ll still be there when you are rested 🙂

Surrounded by clouds
Moon & Stars hold gentle court
Wet stones shimmer here

We had a garden with a 6ft fence where we used to live. Where we currently stay there isn't a garden or a fence which means we have to take Sherky for many more walks than usually. It can be a struggle but its also glorious especially at night when you can see the stars so well in this pretty dark area. And as it rains a lot here you have wet stones on the paths all the time.
I hope you'll have a lovely weekend despite everything!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

4 thoughts on “Moon & Stars Hold Gentle Court

  1. Es ist eine ganz andere Lebensqualität, vielleicht auf dem ersten Blick nicht so bequem, aber sehr viel mehr sich öffnenden Welten zeigen sich im Verlassen des eigenen Grundstücks.
    Sherky wird es genießen neue Hundenachrichten zu lesen.. 😉 Ich hoffe sehr, Ihr auch!
    Eine schöne Adventszeit für Euch!
    Und denkt an den heißen Tee und Punsch (gern auch alk.frei) danach! ❤
    Liebe Grüße von der Nordwestküste Frieslands!

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