I stand With Libya

Well, peeps, there are a couple more countries to come that are plagued with violence from my “I stand with…” series. I know it’s Christmas Time and we are supposed to concentrate on shopping and being happy, but maybe that is why this series is even more critical. Violence and war don’t stop just because someone tries to remind us that peace is good.

I am always shocked at how little I know of countries that pop up in the news with their violence & wars. It is so easy to just think of them as destroyed places with traumatised people. But there is so much more to them, and Libya is enormously influential in the Mediterranean. This video from the Libyan Mission to the UN in Geneva summarises its rich history and culture, its beautiful countryside and the vast resources that outside powers try to get their hands on.

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This video is from 2020

video credit: Libyan Mission to UN Geneva via YouTube

This video explains the current conflict a bit better and is from 2020 too

video credit: DW via YouTube

And this explains what’s going on in Libya today. It is from September 2022

video credit: Al Jazeera via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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