What a difference a couple of hours make

This morning in County Donegal:

For visually challenged readers: snow topped mountain range in distance, behind a line of brown forest and a meadow. Blue sky hidden by many clouds

This afternoon in County Sligo:

For visually challenged readers: Benbulben seen from the side, blue sky above and a line of trees and a meadow with a wall in front of image

This evening in County Westmeath:

For visually challenged readers: street leading into fog. Left a white wall, right a tree and dark embankment and a powerline overhead

We nearly didn’t’t find our B&B and we’re afraid we’d end up in the realm of the fair folk, who are never far away on this beautiful island 😁

And then we were greeted by this 🤗

For visually challenged readers: a blue table surrounded by blue curtains. Three stacks of books in the back, a little Christmas tree in front, and bits and bobs around

Have a lovely evening and please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

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