Was it a mistake?

Hey peeps, we have travelled many a hour today so I can’t guarantee any quality 😎 but the show must go on and Bianca and Mallory must travel. Or not?


I want to mention one thing: The story does live in an alternate universe where we do not have to bother with COVID. Political and environmental issues are similar to our reality, but all is made up. Please forgive me 

Bianca sat in front of her lodge staring at the screen of her phone:

Video credit: DW via Youtube

” I am glad we decided not to go to North Korea. I can deal with headscarves but being respectful to a brutal dictator? I don’t think so” she mumbled to herself.

She turned to the other chair just to remember that Mallory was away on a trip to the North of Sri Lanka. She looked back on her phone and scrolled to another video:

Video credit: Indigo traveler is Youtube

“Yes, definitely the right decision. Am glad some people dare penetrate this locked-up country but it’s not for me!” she thought.

Bianca went back to her lodge and got herself a glass of wine. She sat down outside on the wooden stairs and looked up at the night sky. ” I hope Mallory is ok!” Bianca thought back to a week ago when Mallory left with a driver who was suggested by the Hotel.

“She sent one message that she arrived and that’s it!” Bianca put her glass down a little too hard so that some wine spilled over. “Oh darn!” She did not bother to clean anything up. She just drank the rest and looked up at the stars.

” They keep sparkling no matter how things change here” she pondered and then thought ” you silly woman. She’ll be back in a week and then we’ll be off to Laos!” She picked up her phone that she had left on the stairs when going inside just to put it down again.

“She is fine!” Bianca whispered to the stars. ” you”ll make sure she is fine, won”t you?” but then Mallory’s tormented face came back to Bianca and a tear appeared on her face. Again she looked at her phone. “I wish I hadn’t pushed her,” Bianca thought. ” What if Vivienne has followed her?” More tears appeared. Bianca put her head on her knees and let them run.

After a little while she looked up again and she saw a half-moon appear over the trees opposite her lodge. “Ok. No more worrying,” she whispered. “It won’t change anything. I’ll use the rest of the time for meditating” she thought while she got up to go to bed. ” But what if it was a mistake to let her go and the depression will take over?”

That’s it from Mallory and Bianca for this week. Please, stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!

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