I Should Call It “Sweet” News and not “Good” News

Happy Tuesday, peeps and just another short one. Sorry, but we are currently trying to sort out accommodation for the next few years because the house we bought is a little more derelict than we thought. Also, we need another vehicle, get an electricity company, get internet, sort our GP…. you get the gist. And I am trying to start creating an income with my writing on Patreon. Please check it out here. There are free posts too 🙂 You just need to scroll. Or feel free to join any of my crews if you would like to support our journey and my writing. Thanks.

So, which sweet posts did I spot this week on Instagram’s Good News accounts? Check these out:

post source & credit: Goodnews Movement & Jay Labrenae

Isn’t that the sweetest thank you of all????

Post source: Good News Movement via Instagram

Oh, my, I just can’t get enough of this girl’s face when she sees clearly for the first time. What a gift!!!!

And one more for good measure? Ok, here it is!!!!

Post credit: Goodnews Movement via Instagram

I might have shared this one already, but I feel it’s worth sharing it again. Cancer is such a sucker!!!! Sorry for my language.

Well, that is it for this week. I hope I could cheer you a little up with yesterday’s and today’s posts. And if not, I’ll try my best with tomorrow’s photo. Remember you rock! And you might be planted! And there is good news out there!!!!!

Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember that I appreciate you deeply!

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