Re-blog: Time and Time again (trigger)

I still hear this pitch-dark sneering inner voice. It’s not all-powerful anymore, but it’s still a constant companion. One day I will get rid of it, I swear!

December 2015

Like a merry-go-round, my life turns and turns and turns. Always ending in the same old dark pit. I am tired of this fighting. I am tired of all these struggles. I am so tired. But I won’t give up. I have not come this far to just let it all go. But getting help seems to be worse than not getting help. There is this pitch-dark sneering voice telling me now I am doomed that I told people the truth. It will all go against me as it did when I was young. I didn’t tell. I never did, but the bad thing they warned me off happened anyway.

How can you get out if that?!

video credit: Big Think via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: There is help out there:

UK: Trauma Recovery Network

Ireland: One in Four


Canada: Supporting Survivors

South Africa: Shukumisa


India: Aasra

International: ASCA

Online communities for Survivors

8 thoughts on “Re-blog: Time and Time again (trigger)

  1. As long as you keep going you will find positive things again. Everything in life is a cycle and just like that, good and bad things will happen to you in equal measure. For all the bad things you go through in life now, good things will eventually happen in equal measure. I’m living proof. Everyone is 😉

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    1. I know 🙂 but its getting harder to believe that I can. I’m getting so tired of it all. Even though I believe if I run into the same drama time and time again I still have a lesson to learn. It has also often proven in my life that I am about to change or learn what I need to learn when it feels like this. Thanks for your kind words. They are much appreciated.


    1. It will but it has shocked me more than I have realised. But with friends like you at my side it is easier to deal with it. And my husband is really supportive

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  2. Would that we could erase the darkness, replace it only with happy, joyous thoughts. My heart aches for all that you have been through, Sweet Bee. I hope that you’re finding some contentment and maybe even a bit of holiday joy in your new place this year. Love ‘n hugs to you and your hubby!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I have to admit that I have come to appreciate the darkness in recent years. You can’t have light without the dark and if you’ve gone through dark times you appreciate the light ones so much more. It’s hard to see that when you are in a struggle but later you know. 🥰 thanks for stopping by 🤗 and a peaceful Christmas to you and yours

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      1. Not just kind words, my friend, but words spoken from experience, from kinship. You’re right … the dark makes us appreciate a bit of light more than most might. And the darkness gives us perspective, compassion … 🤗

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