Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

Yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial Day quote brought back the realization of how easily we humans fall for propaganda. Many Germans after the war said “We didn’t know” but I assume what they meant was “We didn’t want to know,” because knowing is uncomfortable. Knowing asks us to act. Knowing asks for sacrifices of us. Knowing asks “Who am I really”.

There are many things we ordinary people today know but we close our eyes, ears, and heart to them: cruelty towards animals we eat, the impact of our carbon footprint and plastic use, and lies about immigrants to name just a few.

If not us who will act?

I am just 
An ordinary person.
What can I do?
Than you

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember who you really are.

Das gestrige Zitat zum Holocaust-Gedenktag brachte die Erkenntnis zurück, wie leicht wir Menschen auf Propaganda hereinfallen. Viele Deutsche sagten nach dem Krieg „Wir wussten es nicht“, aber ich nehme an, sie meinten „Wir wollten es nicht wissen“, denn Wissen ist unbequem. Wissen fordert uns auf zu handeln. Wissen verlangt von uns Opfer. Wissen fragt „Wer bin ich wirklich“.

Es gibt viele Dinge, die wir normalen Menschen heute wissen, aber wir verschließen unsere Augen, Ohren und unser Herz davor: Grausamkeit gegenüber Tieren, die wir essen, die Auswirkungen unseres CO2-Fußabdrucks und der Verwendung von Plastik und Lügen über Einwanderer, um nur einige zu nennen.

Wenn nicht wir, wer wird handeln?

Ich bin nur
Eine gewöhnliche Person.
Was kann ich machen?
Als du

Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt daran, wer Ihr wirklich seid.

6 thoughts on “Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

  1. I have a number of friends who put on their rosy-colouored glasses, turn the happy music on high, and pretend there’s nothing to see. Most of them no longer call themselves my friend, for I take their glasses off of them for just a brief moment and force them to see that which they would rather not see. I take them outside their comfort zone, make them think for just a moment, and so they find it easier to simply stop being my friend, to unsubscribe to my blog and unfriend me on Facebook than to listen to me tell them the hard truths. I think there are many like that out there. So yes, it CAN happen here, and for the same reasons it happened 80 years ago.

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    1. It is terrifying how people suddenly think abhorrend actions are ok. And then abuse those who put the Mirror up to them. (Not sure you say that in English. I might have translated that from German) one could say those friends were never friends 😎

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      1. It is terrifying and ever-so depressing. We, as a society, seem to have learned nothing from history and are primed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Yes, it’s the same here … hold a mirror up to them, force them to see themselves as they are, flaws and all. But so often they are still blind … by their choice. Of late, I’ve also concluded that they were never friends, for their values don’t align with mine at all! It’s still depressing, though.

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      2. It is nearly impossible … both parties have to agree not to discuss the divisive issues like politics. I have very few friends left who are Trumpists or even Republicans, and we rarely communicate aside from a sentence or two on Facebook. It’s sad to see humanity so divided.

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