WTF is wrong with these people?/Was zum Teufel ist bloss los mit diesen Leuten?

I am speechless & enraged. What is wrong with these people? How dare they? And then they wonder why young people get radicalised? Insert many, many, many swearwords in every language I know!

Ich bin sprachlos & wütend. Was ist los mit diesen Leuten? Wie wagen sie es? Und dann fragen sie sich, warum sich junge Menschen radikalisieren? Fügt viele, viele, viele Schimpfwörter in jeder Sprache ein, die ich kenne!

“Kinder, die ohne Eltern, Asyl in GB gesucht haben, wurden mit GEWALT bedroht und rassistischem Missbrauch ausgesetzt, inklusive “Scheiss Terrorist” und “Geh doch zurück in Dein Land” von Mitarbeitern der Home Office geführten Hotels. Den Kindern wurde gesagt, dass sie verletzt würden, falls sie sich nicht benehmen würden und wurden tagelang illegal in den Hotels festgehalten. Einige Mitarbeiter drohten den Kindern, sie aus dem Fenster zu werfen und sie machten Witze darüber, dass Kinder verschwinden

Source: UK Fact Check

10 thoughts on “WTF is wrong with these people?/Was zum Teufel ist bloss los mit diesen Leuten?

  1. I do not care what is wrong with them. All I care about is them being thrown out of their jobs, named and shamed and then whatever laws are available are used to prosecute them. Then when that is done, their managers are subject to courts of enquiry which should be very, very tough.
    Any private contractors involved find their contracts cancelled promptly.
    Then the government minister and their senior staff are also subject to scrutiny.
    It is time the official message that there is only one acceptable Intolerance and that is the Intolerance of Intolerance. No excuses.
    To use an old English phrase ‘Put the Fear of God into them,’ (equivalent ‘Come down on them like a ton of bricks’).

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    1. Sorry, that one ended up in my spam folder. Well, in the UK I fear people like that get away with it ever since the Brexit referendum emboldened the racists who were hiding in the shadows. The UK now has a home secretary who does not appologise to a holocaust survivor who questions her about the language she uses that reminded the other lady of Nazi language. And the media thinks that’s ok. No, out cry. Nothing. It is hard not to despair.

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      1. A savage flaw in Humanity.
        Wherever you go it seems.
        Peoples who suffered under colonial suppression now ruling a nation persecute other minorities. A common occurrence, throughout history.
        All we can do is try and kick back against Intolerance.

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