“Confessions Nocturnes ~ DIAMS feat VITAA & Prompt 16 ~”Love Is In Da Blog 2023.” (This year, bi-lingual English/Deutsch)

Hello, Love Is In Da Bloggers; we have officially reached the second half of “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”, and the YouTube list shows you how diverse and exciting it has been so far. You rock, and I enjoy this year more than ever. For me, it is important to feature female artists. Even though there is more equality now than there has been, it is still difficult for female artists to gain success. However, I feel all of you “Love Is In Da Bloggers” make it very equal, and I love that about you. So today’s prompt is

A Love Song From A Female Artist

If you have followed me for a while, then you know I love popular French music, and that is why I am taking the chance to introduce you to two very creative French ladies called DIAMS, a rapper and VITAA. I stumbled over VITAA via Maitre Gims, whose music I absolutely love. She was featured in the classic song “Bella Ciao” with Gims, Slimane, with whom she often works & DAD JU. I’d never heard of DIAMS before I found this song, but I will definitely check her music more. All I know so far is that she is a rapper who has converted to Islam.

The song I am featuring is more like a little film, half rap, half pop music. It tells the story of two friends, one telling the other that her boyfriend cheats on her. The other encourages her to find out more, and in the end, the other questions her relationship too. It’s not a song that is comfortable or “nice” to listen to but shows one reality of Love that we often like to forget: one cheating on the other. I have added the English translation of the lyrics and hope you can enjoy it anyway.

As always I have no rights to the song. DIAMS name is Melanie in the song Mel & VI stands for VITAA

video credit: DIAMS via YouTube

Nocturnal Confessions via Lyric Translate

Yeah , who is it ?

Mel , it’s Vi , open the door .

Are you OK Vi ? You look strange . What’s going on ?

No , I’m not OK , no .

Well tell me , what’s going on ?

Mel , sit down I have to tell you .. I spent my day in the dark .

Mel , I feel it , I know it , I live it , he cheats on me .

Stop it Vi , you know your man loves you , your man said me

You know Mélanie , Vi is a queen & I could die for her .

You shouldn’t panic I swear , you man owns , you man assumes Vi yeah

Your man is pure , he doesn’t cheat on you , I’m sure .

But you don’t know anything, It’s been two months that I smell her perfume

What ?

That she leaves messages every quarter of an hour ..

No ..

I’ve infiltrated his answerphone , my man has an affair with another woman yeah !

But what do you know about her ? Have you got any sure proof ?

Her name is Andy , night girl , she’s got a boyfriend living in Saint-Denis

It’s not finished , I’ve seen them together on tuesday

& I’m sure that right now he’s with her , I’ve even got the hotel’s address !

I was completely mistaken , I thought your man was intact

No weird things , no flirt plans , no biatches

I thought your man was different , that he was talking about marriage & apartment

Take your bag , the address of their date

Come on , we’re going to visit them , come on !

I don’t think ..

Calm down Vi , it’s going to be alright ..

I can’t , you know I’m afraid ..

Park there , come on park there ..

I don’t know if I’d assume to see him with her .

OK , keep it discrete , give me the jack , the teargas bomb

Vi , give me a key , give me his number plate so I can stripe it , his BM

So I can puncture it , his BM , so I can bleed him dry as he hurts you , his BM

If only you knew how mad I am right now

I don’t think , I can’t , you know I’m afraid ..

Come on , we’re going upstairs .. Come on , get out of the car , come on

I don’t know if I’d assume to see him with her .

You will .

Don’t think ..

I asked them , it’s the 203th room

That I don’t want

Yes we’re going upstairs .

I won’t be able to ..

OK , it’s the second stage .

I don’t know if I’d assume to see him with her .

Come on , knock at the door .

Yeah , two seconds , I’m coming ..

What the hell are you doing here ? I thought you were at your father’s home , are you kidding me ?

I’ve always been sincere & I lived for you , I trusted you ,

I was able to die for you & you dare to screw this biatch !

Calm down baby , calm down ..

What’s going on baby ? Who is she ?

Shut up you ! & If you want to speak , please get dressed

Seriously , have you got no honnor , aren’t you ashamed of yourself ?

Take your G-string & get lost

Girls like you don’t deserve anything but a little bit of pavement !

Mélanie , stop it

Shut up you too

Look at yourself , with your underpants , damn , you act measly

But you’ve just broken my friend’s heart

Ow ! You’re not a man , you’re just a victim

Have you got any problem about your masculinity or what ?

Damn , come on Vitaa we’re off ! Come on , come on

I don’t think ..

Stop crying please

I can’t ..

Come on , get in the car , come on

You know I’m afraid ..

Get in the car , come on

I don’t know if I assume to see him with her

I’ve dreamt it Mel !

I haven’t seen him with her , & it wasn’t his BM , no it wasn’t this hotel !

No no , you haven’t dreamt it , your man was there , Vitaa

That was his car , that was the 203th room Vitaa

That was your man in the arms of this little biatch

Keep , keep your cool , this bastard is nothing without you

Well yeah life is a biatch when you’ve decided to toe the line

Maybe you had to pass by this , back to the start

Look at me , after the dramas I’ve lived , I no longer believed in it ,

& Then love showed up , I’m living an absolute happiness

I couldn’t believe it , I was the most cheated woman in Paris

My ex was a drugs dealer , I thought I was into social issues

Believe me , do you know how it feels to be betrayed

When your husband has gotten laid with all the sluts in Paris

Look at me today , I’ll soon get a ring around my finger

So after all please Vitaa , don’t lose hope

What do you know ? Can you tell me what your man’s doing & where ?

Stop it Vi

How he spends his nights when you’re not here ?

& In whose arms ? He runs to cover up his sins when you’re with me

Are you sure he’s faithful ? Yeah

Of course !

Have you ever checked out his mails ?

No , no

Searched his MSN account ?

No , I’m not like that ..

Caught his messages ?

Questioned his mother when she says he’s with her while he says he’s with his brother

If you’re so confident ..

What ? What ?

Then take your phone , listen to his answerphone & you’ll see

Listen up , you’re tired , you’re upset , stop it please , stop !

I will do it for you ..

Stop it , hang up , hang up !

I’ve got your boyfriend’s number ..

I said hang up , damn !

I will do it for you , I will do it for you ..

This is my answerphone , leave a message , thanks .

Dial your secrete code & type hash sign .

You have got two new messages .

New message received yesterday at 10:51 PM :

” Yeah Peto , it’s So .. ” ( beep )

New message received yesterday at 11:28 PM :

” Yeah baby , it’s me .. It’s been one hour & I miss you already

Can’t wait for tomorrow , I miss you , I miss you , I miss you , kiss . “

Well , calmed down now ?

Mel ..

What again ?

Be ready , I have to tell you ..

What ?

You will spend your days in the dark

Mel , I know it , I feel it , I’m sure he cheats on you ..

I saw him 
over the street
with this
other girl.
He hadn't
called for weeks
I knew

Here is tomorrow’s prompt for the sixteenth day of “Love Is In Da Blog”.

A Love Song for humankind

And just to remind you, here are the suggestions on how to take part and all prompts:

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  3. A Love Song For Ukraine and all other countries troubled by violence
  4. A Love Song specific to you and your spouse (or significant other, may it be human or in any other form 🙂 ). Thanks, Di, for this wonderful prompt. Please check out her blog Pensitivity101
  5. Choose your own
  6. A Folk Love Song from your tweens
  7. A Love Song from Scandinavia
  8. A Love Song from a New Artist (becoming known in 2022/23)
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  10. A Love Song about unconditional love. Thanks, Jim, for this beautiful prompt. Please, check out his blog, “A Unique Title For Me.
  11. A Love Song about forgiveness. Thanks, Mel, for this thought-provoking prompt. Please, check out her blog, “Caramel ~ Learner at Love.
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  13. A Jazz Love Song from your 30s (if you are younger, choose your own)
  14. Not A Valentine’s Love Song 😉
  15. A Love Song from a Female Artist
  16. A Love Song for humankind
  17. A Love Song about a child’s love
  18. A Love Song about finding love in an unexpected place. Thanks, Jim, for this (and many other) brilliant prompts. Please, check out his blog, “A Unique Title For Me.
  19. Choose your own
  20. A Reggae Love Song from your 40s (if you are younger, choose your own)
  21. A Love Song from Africa
  22. A Love Song from an Artist in your region (feel free to choose if “region” means your town, county, country or continent.)
  23. A Love Song for flora & fauna
  24. A spiritual Love Song
  25. A Love Song that includes a commitment or a promise. Thanks, Jim, for this challenging prompt. Please, check out his blog, “A Unique Title For Me.
  26. Choose your own
  27. An Alternative Love Song from your 50’s (if you are younger, choose your own)
  28. Choose Your Own

Let’s do this and have some fun 🙂

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember you are loved!


Wenn Ihr mir schon eine Weile folgt, dann wisst Ihr, dass ich populäre französische Musik liebe, und deshalb nutze ich die Gelegenheit, Euch zwei sehr kreative Französinnen namens DIAMS vorzustellen, einer Rapperin und VITAA. Über Maitre Gims, dessen Musik ich absolut liebe, bin ich auf VITAA gestoßen. Sie war in dem klassischen Song „Bella Ciao“ mit Gims, Slimane, mit dem sie oft zusammenarbeitet, und DAD JU zu sehen. Ich hatte noch nie von DIAMS gehört, bevor ich diesen Song gefunden habe, aber ich werde ihre Musik definitiv öfter anhoeren. Bisher weiß ich nur, dass sie eine zum Islam konvertierte Rapperin ist.

Der Song, den ich vorstelle, ist eher wie ein kleiner Film, halb Rap, halb Popmusik. Es erzählt die Geschichte zweier Freundinnen, von denen die eine der anderen erzählt, dass ihr Freund sie betrügt. Die andere ermutigt sie, mehr herauszufinden, und am Ende stellt die andere auch ihre Beziehung in Frage. Es ist kein Lied, das bequem oder „schön“ anzuhören ist, sondern zeigt eine Realität der Liebe, die wir oft gerne vergessen wollten: Einer betrügt den anderen. Ich habe die englische Übersetzung des Textes hinzugefügt und hoffe, dass Ihr es trotzdem genießen können.

Wie immer habe ich keine Rechte an dem Song. DIAMS heißt Melanie im Song Mel & VI steht für VITAA

Bitte, seht Euch das Video und die links oben an

Ich sah ihn
über der Straße
mit diesem
anderen Mädchen.
Er hatte
seit Wochen
nicht angerufen
wusste ich

Und hier ist der Impuls fuer Morgen:

Ein Liebeslied Fuer Die Menschheit

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Impulsliste für Liebe ist im Blog 2023

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  • Ein Liebeslied für die Menschheit
  • Ein Liebeslied über die Liebe eines Kindes
  • Ein Liebeslied über das Finden der Liebe an einem unerwarteten Ort. Danke, Jim, für diese (und viele andere) brillante Impulse. Bitte schaut Euch seinen Blog „Ein einzigartiger Titel für mich“ an.
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  • Ein Liebeslied für Flora & Fauna
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  • Ein Liebeslied, das eine Verpflichtung oder ein Versprechen enthält. Danke, Jim, für diesen herausfordernden Impuls. Bitte schaut Euch seinen Blog „Ein einzigartiger Titel für mich“ an.
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  • Ich hoffe, meine Auswahl inspiriert Euch dazu, großartige Musik zu entdecken und zu teilen und (wenn Ihr Lust dazu habt, dann schreibt auch Gedichte zu den Impulsen)

Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt daran, dass Ihr geliebt seid!

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