Good News Tuesday/Gute Nachricht Dienstag 7.3.23

Happy Tuesday all you lovely people. This post hopped a couple of times over my radar and I am loving it. Will fi d out when that is and celebrate it here ๐Ÿค—

For more good news check out Joanna’s blog: Good News Tuesday

Please stay safe, stay kind & remember: You rock!


Hallo, Ihr lieben Leute, ich denke jede/r HundebesitzerIn wird das kennen. Nur wenn Du keine Hunde magst kรถnnte es Problematisch sein ๐Ÿ˜

Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt dran: Ihr seid grossartig!

7 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday/Gute Nachricht Dienstag 7.3.23

  1. I was looking for an image the other day on Pexels. I typed in “loyalty” into the search bar, and the result was scores of photos of dogs. I guess the canine world has claimed their stake on that word!

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