Happy International Women’s Day/ Frohen Weltfrauentag

Hello ladies, I just wanted to remind you you rock!!!

To honour us all I am sharing a story, that a friend sent me. It may or may not be true. It may or may not involve Clementine Churchill, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton or any other strong woman at the side of a powerful man. Or not so powerful man too 😇

Here we go:

One day Mr & Mrs. Churchill walked through a posh part of London. People greeted and chatted a little with the Prime Minister. A street sweep, however, greeted and chatted mainly with Mrs. Churchill. Afterward, Churchill asked his wife what the two of them had to chat about for such a long time. “Oh, he used to be in love with me” she answered.

Churchill smiled benignly and said:” Look, if you’d have married him, you’d be the wife of a street sweep”. Mrs. Churchill looked at her husband in astonishment and said the legendary words:” But no, Darling, if I’d have married him he would be Prime Minister!”

Please stay safe, stay kind, and remember you rock!


Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt dran: Ihr seid grossartig!

5 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day/ Frohen Weltfrauentag

    1. I gathered as much. I think any person with a public position needs someone they can trust and who sticks with them. As far as I know the husbands of Theresa May and Angela Merkel did the same for their wifes. 🤗

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