Frantic or antics? #SoCS

Happy Saturday, dear fellow humans. Another weekend is here and a new month too. Good old April means for many of you “Blogging from A-Z” and I still haven’t decided if I take part. It would be one big frantic rush to get everything done that I want to do.

Look, I already got one part of Linda’s #SoCS prompt in. 👍

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “antic.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you do both. Enjoy!

With the antics that our internet often does, I doubt I can manage. If I change my mind within the next hour or so (that’s when April first starts in my neck of the woods by time of writing this convoluted sentence) then it would only be the rogue version. That being said, I already found a couple of bloggers with great themes so I probably rather keep reading those than taking part.

Apparently, anticar is a word that you can use in Scrabble as well as today’s #SoCS prompt. Even though I would more write it as “anti-car” and then I am not so sure it fits Linda’s bill. Do we have to pay that bill?

“Bee, pay attention!” You might scream at me. Nope, not gonna happen tonight. It’s bedtime peeps and I should do some shut-eye instead of writing posts for you, my dears.

However, my mind anticly (yes, that’s a Scrabble word too or have I written that already????) refuses to calm down and let me sleep so you might have to put up with some more of my semantics. That could be an anticlimax that no one wants to romanticise. Gosh, I can’t wait to see how many …antic words you get in your post!

I am anticancer, as you probably understand, however, this really does not make any sense. I hope none of you are pedantic 🤣. Gosh, I could go on forever. Do you know what a canticle is? Grammarly obviously doesn’t know either because it changed the word into “article” which doesn’t count.

Where was I? Oh, canticle, the hymn derived from the Bible. Aren’t they all… Oh better don’t go down that mantic rabbit hole. Do you believe rabbits are prophets? Well, looks like they are in my world and I just wonder if I ended up with Alice and her wonderland. More rabbit holes we do not want to explore.

So, my friends. I better stop writing so that my poor mind gets some rest. And your poor minds won’t get overloaded with the antic mine comes up with. Have a great Saturday and please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you frantically, romantically, mantically antically rock!!!!

Video source: Gian Luca Rossi via YouTube

Entschuldigt Ihr Lieben, da der heutige Impuls mit Englischen Wörtern spielt gibt es keine Übersetzung.

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