Just hoping in/Nur Mal Eben Reinhüpfen

Happy Sunday, dear people of the blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your Blogs & posts. Many make my day or make me think and my life would be a lot poorer without you guys.

We are following Lost In Transit to beautiful Britany. The birds are chirping outside and we are always surprised by how different they act here. They seem to get enough food because they totally ignore our bird feeder

The chaffinches, tits and wagtails seem to like each other and come down as one big flock and sometimes they are joined by a flock of Starlings

Did you know there are yellow wagtails in Ireland?

I love seeing the crows descend in the sheep fields around us and every now and then we get a glimpse of a buzzard.

I have no idea where I am going with this. So I better stop and let you get on with stuff.

Which birds are living around your place? Do you like them? And what is your favourite bird?

Please stay safe, stay kind & remember you rock!


Schönen Sonntag, liebe Leute der Blogosphäre. Vielen Dank für Euren Besuch und vielen Dank für Eure Blogs und Beiträge. Viele versüßen mir den Tag oder bringen mich zum Nachdenken und mein Leben wäre um einiges ärmer ohne Euch.

Wir folgen Lost In Transit in die wunderschöne Bretagne. Draußen zwitschern die Vögel und wir sind immer wieder überrascht, wie unterschiedlich sie sich hier verhalten. Sie scheinen genug Futter zu bekommen, weil sie unsere Futterstelle völlig ignorieren

Die Buchfinken, Meisen und Bachstelzen scheinen sich zu mögen und kommen als ein großer Schwarm herunter und manchmal gesellt sich ein Schwarm Stare dazu

Bitte schaut Euch das Video oben an

Wusstet Ihr, dass es in Irland gelbe Bachstelzen gibt?

Ich liebe es, die Krähen auf den Schaffeldern um uns herum zu beobachten, und hin und wieder erhaschen wir einen Blick auf einen Bussard.

Ich habe keine Ahnung, wohin ich mit diesem Beitrag gehe. Also höre ich besser auf und lasse Euch mit Zeugs weitermachen.

Welche Vögel leben bei Euch? Mögt Ihr sie? Und was ist Euer Lieblingsvogel?

Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt daran, dass Ihr grossartig seid!

13 thoughts on “Just hoping in/Nur Mal Eben Reinhüpfen

  1. Here in the far southeastern corner of Colorado USA, we have prodominantly Robins, migrating Blue Jays, Sparrows all year round, buzzards, Catbirds, Curlews, Gracle blackbirds, doves, and owls in town. Out on the prairie are other kinds of owls, Lesser Prairie Chickens, wild turkey, quail, hawks, eagles, falcons, the state bird Lark buntings, and more species I’m forgetting at this moment. I keep seed in a large bird feeder all year long. We are not without plentiful species of birds to enjoy.

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  2. We have seen yellow wagtails, and also yellowhammers. Gold finches are also in abundance here, but sadly other than blackbirds, robins, pigeons, crows and an occasional kestrel and sparrowhawk, not many birds come into our garden, which is a shame as I love to watch them.

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    1. That’s quite a collection though despite not many coming in your garden. Do you have cats around? I forgot goldfinches. I think there are some here too. Never seen a Goldhamster though. I wish we could have seen the eagle in Donegal. Can’t have everything 🤗


      1. Yellowhammers are like sparrows with a yellow head as if they’ve been dipped in paint. We were even lucky to see a white sparrow once, and that’s a one in a million occurrence I think (I did a post on it years ago). There aren’t many cats around us, more dogs, but we do have foxes sometimes, though I have to be honest, we haven’t seen or heard them for a couple of years now. Eagles here no, apart from the name of the pub down the road, but we do have a lot of geese and ducks fly over, and sometimes one might stop on our lawn for a breather. There is also a cheeky pheasant that visits, noisy little creature!

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      2. Thanks for the explanation. They sound beautiful. We had lots of pheasants in Norfolk but only seen one here. We also saw the geese migrating in Norfolk but so far nothing here. But you’ll see more over time anyway. I’ll keep you updated

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