Of Depths and Shallow Living/Von Tiefen und flachem Leben

In recent years I have often wondered why my/our life seems to be so different to most people’s. We can’t just take politicians’ word; we want to see their actions. We can’t eat animals anymore because it simply feels wrong to eat a living creature that feels and has no say in how it lives its life. Small talk feels difficult for us, but most people do not want to talk about Brexit or about how our societies go down the very dangerous path of xenophobia and capitalism. I wish I could live like everybody else and simply do what everybody else does. But I/we can’t. Maybe I am a mersister of Anais Nin:

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anais Nin

Which author’s quote resonates with your way of living?

Please stay safe, stay kind & remember: you rock!

quote by Anais Nin about mermaids and living

In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich oft gefragt, warum mein/unser Leben so anders zu sein scheint als das der meisten Menschen. Wir können uns nicht einfach auf das Wort der Politiker verlassen; Wir wollen ihre Taten sehen. Wir können keine Tiere mehr essen, weil es sich einfach falsch anfühlt, ein Lebewesen zu essen, das fühlt und kein Mitspracherecht darüber hat, wie es sein Leben führt. Smalltalk fällt uns schwer, aber die meisten Menschen wollen nicht über den Brexit sprechen oder darüber, wie unsere Gesellschaften den sehr gefährlichen Weg der Fremdenfeindlichkeit und des Kapitalismus beschreiten. Ich wünschte, ich könnte wie alle anderen leben und einfach das tun, was alle anderen tun. Aber ich/wir können das nicht. Vielleicht bin ich eine Meerschwester von Anais Nin:

„Ich muss eine Meerjungfrau sein, Rango. Ich habe keine Angst vor der Tiefe und große Angst davor, oberflächlich zu leben.“

Anais Nin
  • Welches Autorenzitat passt zu Eurer Lebensweise?

Bitte bleibt sicher, bleibt freundlich und denkt daran, dass Ihr grossartig seid!

11 thoughts on “Of Depths and Shallow Living/Von Tiefen und flachem Leben

  1. Small talk … it is difficult because it is largely irrelevant in a world, a time, and a place when so much is highly relevant to the survival of life on planet Earth. I much prefer to discuss the important issues, like Brexit, climate change, racism & bigotry, over what one cooked for supper last night, or what one watched on television! Hugs, sweet Bee!!!!

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    1. Well, I like to talk about cooking too but not exclusively. We just saw Novara Media about a terrifying Conservative Congress where someone said the Germans “mucked up” in Nazi Germany. It feels so much like the UK is being prepared for a authoritarian government. 😪

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      1. Agreed … balance. But some people simply cannot manage to talk about anything but themselves. I had a friend who literally melted down a few months ago when some furniture she had purchased arrived a few hours late … you’d have thought someone killed her dog or something. People too often have their priorities skewed, don’t they? It’s not only the UK, my friend … also the U.S., France, and other western nations. Sigh. One step forward and two steps back.

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      2. I agree, it’s a problem everywhere. Common sense is not that common as someone said and I am not sure what the answers could be. Maybe there are none and climate change will take care of us sooner rather than later. 😒

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      3. So true … common sense is indeed rare these days! Lately, I’ve come to think that the human species is intent on bringing about its own extinction, either through climate change, war (nuclear weapons), or other means … or some combination.

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      4. Well, I was wondering a lot about something I learned in biology class: eco-systens are closed systems and work on a balance equilibrium. If one species gets too much illnesses occur to decimate them and balance the system out. Or there isn’t enough food and they die which creates balance back. How much are humans part of that system and natures way of creating that balance and if we are what does that mean for us? I have trouble to keep pondering that because it plays so much into Nazi-ideology. So I do not dare to research because who knows what sh** Lady Goggle would through my way 🤔

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      5. Oh my … you did go deep on this one! So many things come to mind that I cannot fully respond or even ponder in a comment — these musings may become a post soon! But, the short answer is that technology developed by man’s bigger (but not necessarily better) brain has somewhat short-circuited the balance of nature. Inventions in medical science have allowed us to live longer, other technology has enabled us to produce more of everything, etc., etc. BUT … at a cost. All our technology has broken down the natural environment and we are, in essence, bringing about our own extinction. Sure, we found a way around the eco-systems, but at what cost? We are only beginning to realize, and still there are too many for whom personal profit and power are more important than the greater good. My own thoughts are that nature will have the final say in the matter. And that’s my “short” answer. 😉 But you have opened a door in my mind, so there may be a longer answer in the form of a post somewhere along the line!

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