Chatting Away/Quatschen

We used to work in a supermarket and experienced first hand how shopping might be the only social interaction someone had in their day. Chatting with customers was one important part of our jobs and one I enjoyed the most. I hope many supermarkets in many countries will follow this one in the Netherlands. May…… Continue reading Chatting Away/Quatschen

Re-post: Famous last words/Beruehmte letzte Worte

December 2022 Santa hopefully is vegan now 😁🤣 June 2017 LOL and now I am obsessed with mine 😉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 2010 There is proper Winter in Europe! -26 C in Poland and even -3 here, Russia got the world cup (not that I really care) and Santa gets Cornflakes instead of a cookie. Where…… Continue reading Re-post: Famous last words/Beruehmte letzte Worte

Re-post: Home/Heimat

October 2022 Five years on of that 2017 entry and we have left the UK to make a new start in Ireland. You cannot imagine the relief we feel to at last be out of that country that seems to have created an alternate reality made up of lies and gas-lighting. The underlying aggression everywhere…… Continue reading Re-post: Home/Heimat

Re-blog: Just wondering/Frage mich ja nur

July 22 The teenagers have flown but I still ask myself how we managed to grow up 🤣 August 2017 With two teenage kids at home, this topic is still important September 2011 Even if I wrote about that one before: Growing up is a tough business! There is group pressure, acne and rogue hormones…… Continue reading Re-blog: Just wondering/Frage mich ja nur

Re-post: Homeless/ Obdachlos

June 2022 I totally forgot about that one: December 2011 homeless the roof over your head does not suffice when the cruelness of your kin renders your soul homeless. you will keep the house clean. you will bake delicious cakes. you will keep on smiling but you will take care that it is only your…… Continue reading Re-post: Homeless/ Obdachlos

Fog over the Hills

A month ago I shared this on my social media: Afternoon greetings from the foggy countryside Fog covers the hillsSome change on the horizonBreathing g in & out 🙋‍♀️ Nachmittagsgrüsse vom nebligen Land Nebel bedeckt die HügelIn Ferne VeränderungenEin- & Ausatmen

Chisseled to Beauty

Happy Saturday all, despite everything. A month ago I was sitting at the window with a coffee ☕ sending you all love & light . Take good care of yourselves These rocks lay heavyOn Earth’s flightChisseled to beauty 🏔 Schönen Samstag Euch, trotz Allem. Vor einem Monat sass ich mit einem Kaffee ☕ am Fenster…… Continue reading Chisseled to Beauty

Water swirls wildly

Water swirls wildlyLast leaves tumble through the wavesDeer stands still drinking🌊Wasser wirbelt wildDie letzten Blätter überschlagen sich in den WellenReh steht still beim Drinken🙋‍♀️🐝 #poetry #poem #Gedicht #anxiety #Angst #life

India with Sanjeev Bhaskar/ Indien mit Sanjeev Bhaskar

August 2020 And another way to travel while we can’t 🙂 September 2017 I posted this book review for the first time in 2012. The book is a wonderful introduction to India and even though we do not want to go anymore I would read this book time and time again: India with Sanjeev Bhaskar…… Continue reading India with Sanjeev Bhaskar/ Indien mit Sanjeev Bhaskar