A Vegan Poem?

Hello fellow poets, bloggers & readers. One of the few things we have power over is what we put in our mouths. But it seems to be one of the most difficult things to change your diet. We had about two years of transitioning period until we managed to go vegan. And I still stumble…… Continue reading A Vegan Poem?

It’s All Our Responsibility

We can’t stick our heads in the sand anymore. We can’t point fingers anymore or despair. We have to act now with every action that is in our power! https://youtu.be/YAVgd5XsvbE Video credit: UN Climate Change via YouTube One thing you can do is to sign this petition: AVAAZ: Don’t Let The Pacific Islands sink https://youtu.be/5J0egwAfO0w…… Continue reading It’s All Our Responsibility

Writing on the Wall

I wrote this poem at the beginning of September when a lot of the UK and parts of Ireland were still in the grip or at the end of yet another heatwave: Writing on the wall of our climate Too late for the arch or the rain dancers. We squabble Away our right to live…… Continue reading Writing on the Wall

A Quiet Day

Good morning, how are you? I hope you and yours are well 🤗 Today I am resting. The only chore is cooking. I will try out an interesting recipe from Hidden Veggies for lunch: A strawberry spinach salad. Not quite sure what’s on the menu for dinner. We used to make a cheese & potatoe…… Continue reading A Quiet Day

Can’t Stop Laughing…

Please, do not read if bad language offends you: No, I haven’t lost my mind at last. Instead we watched “Don’t Look Up”. If you haven’t heard of this comedy by film director Adam McKay yet it’s about this: a huge meteorite hurdles towards earth. Two scientists discover it and warn the US president who…… Continue reading Can’t Stop Laughing…

Outdoor Recreation & Indigeneity: Where They Intersect & Where They Clash

Outdoor recreation is a form of physical activity condoned by many health experts. For example, in the United States, a Health & Human Services (HHS) report called The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity 2001 specifically identified recreation activity as an attractive way to engage in exercise. In many…… Continue reading Outdoor Recreation & Indigeneity: Where They Intersect & Where They Clash

Re-post: Your Privilege is Showing: How Climate Change Movements Miss the Point by Kayla DeVault

I should really write about my McMillan Coffee Morning project next week. But this post from 2016 is such an eye-opener on how interconnected we are and how we first need to understand the impact on other communities of our behaviour and what we consume before we can start to make changes that will save…… Continue reading Re-post: Your Privilege is Showing: How Climate Change Movements Miss the Point by Kayla DeVault

🌍Shared Vision🌏

Today I want to share a vision I have whenever I send my blessings out to our beloved planet and all you lovely people: I stand on a plateau on a sunny day. The air is clean. I look out on the land before me, that is in autumn colours full of ponds and little…… Continue reading 🌍Shared Vision🌏

92 and still rocking the Street! #ClimateJusticeSaturday

I could not find out much about John Lynes from Hastings. He is 92. He got arrested. Not for the first time. He is a Quaker. He wants to do his bit for the younger generation to have a future. I want to be like him if I ever manage to become 92! https://youtu.be/qKmIc966z_c video…… Continue reading 92 and still rocking the Street! #ClimateJusticeSaturday