JusJoJan ~ Day 21 ~ oops a daisy

A day job can be so inspirational … and so the opposite. Especially when new teams are created to make the work for everybody easier. It would help though if these new teams would actually get some training. Never mind. I just despair with a bottle of cider in my hand instead of a cup…… Continue reading JusJoJan ~ Day 21 ~ oops a daisy

JusJoJan ~ Day 20 ~ Dramatic

Ok, I admit it’s not my day 20. It’s my day 16. It’s funny how time runs when you are busy with writing and day job. I did not realise that it has been 4 or 5 days that I have not posted here. It’s a shame to have missed these chances but to be…… Continue reading JusJoJan ~ Day 20 ~ Dramatic

Ok guys, let me get that straight! ~ JusJuJan 2015 ~ Day 15

This morning I saw a post by Linda G. Hill saying that HarsH ReaLiTy is closing down. I did not really get why WordPress has decided to do so but I shared the post anyway because Jason Cushman is a creative and very helpful guy. He might not always use a language that suits everybody…… Continue reading Ok guys, let me get that straight! ~ JusJuJan 2015 ~ Day 15

The Bee Talks With… Maureen Fisher

Today I am honoured to have Maureen Fisher answering my questions and with not further ado I let her speak for herself: “Many thanks, Bee, for the chance to be a guest blogger on ‘The Bee writes…’. It’s great to be here. How would you describe yourself in one paragraph? I find it difficult to…… Continue reading The Bee Talks With… Maureen Fisher

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 13

Well, a day with the number 13 is just made to be written about and to be connected to Linda G.Hill’s “Rithmatic” post! You know the drill: 13 is bad. Friday the 13th is worse. The funny thing is though that 13 never has been bad for me. Maybe that’s the reason for me being…… Continue reading JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 13

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 12 ~ No Numbers for me today

Just popping in to directly pop out again. Since 3 weeks my friend and I have planned to meet up at her place (about 45 min drive from where I live) and I am determined to keep the appointment even though it is quite windy around here (SW 5-6 Gusts 37mph). I actually was supposed…… Continue reading JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 12 ~ No Numbers for me today

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 11 ~ belated

I wanted to jot about reading as Linda’s prompt for the first ten days suggested but somehow there was so much else to write about…. obviously I am jotting a little obsessively right now ;-). Of course, I need to jot about reading. Am not sure if I can call myself an avid reader but…… Continue reading JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 11 ~ belated

SoCS opposes

Linda’s prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opposite”. Please visit “The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS January 10/15” for rules and other brilliant posts. When I was writing yesterday’s posts for “Just Jot It January” I was wondering how people can get so frustrated that they lose all restrictions and start killing.…… Continue reading SoCS opposes

JusJoJan Day 9

Life seems to go down the drain: Terrorists just go into magazine offices and kill editors and journalists and companies short staff their departments without reducing goals or work. I feel an uneasiness I have never felt before. And it’s not for lack of reasons for feeling uneasy: I grew up in Western Germany in…… Continue reading JusJoJan Day 9

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 7 & 8

Yesterday was my day off, and I was jotting a whole lot. I’ve decided to let you know on “Fooling around with Bee”(old blog not existent anymore) what I am up to on my usual writing pad on “The Bee Writes” so I will jot down a few lines ever so often to let you…… Continue reading JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 7 & 8