Free Writing Resources!

Here are a few links to pages, blogs, communities and writers which offer writing advice for free:


Creative Writing Now is a platform for writers & writing teachers that has writing resources about everything from motivation to poetry. Their newsletter is excellent as it gives motivation and information every week. The link leads to one of their pages where they share free online writing courses.


is another excellent page for writers. Their focus is on how to become productive. Their newsletter also brings about much motivation but also information, and they just published a book about how to finish writing your novel.

Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method
He explains his way of writing a novel; you can get a free newsletter about advanced fiction writing and a free email course about “how to publish a book.”

BBC Writersroom
Tips on writing and the possibility of sending in unsolicited scripts for films, shows ect

Writing fiction on now
everything from finding a space to write to how to get published

Writers Digest
We all know that one, I suppose
A list of courses for free for aspiring writers and poets

Daily Writing Tips
on Twitter #hashtags for writers


Reedsy Blog

Reedsy is a platform that connects you to professionals in the publishing business. However, their blog gives free advice on writing and publishing, and they often offer free writing & publishing courses too. Definitely worth checking out.