Life-Long Learning Possibilities Mostly for FREE

This blog used to have a page called “unregulated learning”.

I called it that because it consisted of pages where you could take courses for free and were not restricted by a diploma course or school curriculum. You can choose what you want to learn and go for it.

In this internet age, we have more and more possibilities to do so and I want to collect resources where you can still your thirst for wisdom :-). Here we go:


Future Learn ~ Free online university courses

TED Talks ~ Anything from Architecture to the unexpected

Open Learn ~ Free Courses at the Open University

Coursera ~ offers both free courses and paid ones. You usually have to pay to get a certification. They offer anything from language learning to coding.

Stanford University free online courses ~ Standford University offers some of their courses for free, from Health to arts & Humanities

Harvard University free online courses ~ Harvard University offers free courses too.

EdX ~ EdX is another platform like Coursera or Future Learn that offers free courses from universities worldwide. You can get certificates if you pay for the course.

Country Specific

some of these pages might be open for citizens of other countries, too, but you need to check that out on the page

eCollege by the government of the Republic of Ireland ~ free for over 18s with courses from business to graphic design

FreeCoursesOnline by the government of the UK ~ only for UK residents and over 19s

Language Learning

Duolingo ~ free language courses that help you learn the basics of a language