Of Stories and Stories and Stories…

Hello good people of the blogosphere! How are you doing?

Recently I have re-discovered my love for reading novels. On and off I have times when I just can’t find anything to read even though I have a ton of books on my kindle and my reading lists in general…. find out more here

Of Rain, Blackberries & Coding

Hello my friends, how are you doing? I nearly forgot to get this post out because I was playing around on CodePen. On Tuesday I told you about my coding adventures and I am still occupied with the Tribute page to get on with FreeCodeCamp. Thankfully, it is raining today in North Norfolk so I…… Continue reading Of Rain, Blackberries & Coding

A Nearly Wordless OneLiner Wednesday

Hello my lovelies, how are you doing? Today is Wordless Wednesday and Oneliner Wednesday (hope you get better soon, Linda) so I am keeping it short for all of you 😉 . Please head over to both links to find more funny, thought-provoking and beautiful posts. Thanks! This poem was written and first posted in…… Continue reading A Nearly Wordless OneLiner Wednesday

Happy Music Monday

Good morning peeps how are you?
I had a bad dream and still try to get myself out of its grips. So self-care is the word and today’s blog post will be a little shorter.

It’s Monday and #MusicMonday is a blog event I really like that is why I share another group with you that I discovered while watching Glastonbury 2019. The Chemical Brothers are not a new band but I’ve never really listened until two weeks ago. …

Of Starfish, Kindness and other Sunday Delights

Good morning my lovelies, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you kindly and if not remember: my thoughts and prayers go out for you to help you through your sh… You are not alone no matter how it feels at the moment. … this and more on cliff falls, kindness and music on my blog “The Bee Writes…”

Happy Not-So Wordless Wednesday or Where is my Coffee?

All the video’s I share always have the link to their YouTube location underneath just in case the video doesn’t play in my posts. Hi friendly people out there, are you ok? Are you as tired as I am? I have to admit it is Tuesday when I write this and by the time this…… Continue reading Happy Not-So Wordless Wednesday or Where is my Coffee?

Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Hi peeps, how are you doing? I hope life and this Tuesday is treating you well. Before we begin I am sharing yesterday’s bi-lingual poem with you that I shared on my social  media: This colour and buzzing opens my heart. Is there a future? Diese Farbe und das Summen oeffnen mein Herz. Gibt es…… Continue reading Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Blast from the Past: #271 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Imaginary Friends

A poem from 2015 for “Love Is In Da Blog”: Imaginary Friends you have not been called Harvey neither have you been just one three of you two females one male pixies maybe? then the Christ came along and they taught he is a jealous one no one besides him so I said good-bye to…… Continue reading Blast from the Past: #271 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Imaginary Friends

Blast from the Past: #270 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Lost Friends

A poem from 2015: Lost Friends i look back: a few years. many years. there you are: boys and men. girls and women. how close we were: you left or I. Or life left you. your love has made who I am Thanks! This post takes part in “Love Is In Da Blog”