Re-blog: Time and Time again (trigger)

I still hear this pitch-dark sneering inner voice. It’s not all-powerful anymore, but it’s still a constant companion. One day I will get rid of it, I swear! December 2015 Like a merry-go-round, my life turns and turns and turns. Always ending in the same old dark pit. I am tired of this fighting. I…… Continue reading Re-blog: Time and Time again (trigger)

Re-blog: Another survivors note (attention: might trigger)

For nearly two years now I have not had a fully blown flashback-anxiety-depression attack. Anxiety creeps up every now and then, I have days when it is hard to get out of bed but nothing anywhere close to how bad it was in 2015. It is hard to read how I felt then. I remember…… Continue reading Re-blog: Another survivors note (attention: might trigger)

Re-Blog: A survivors note (Attention might trigger)

Christmas is often a time when survivors of childhood abuse (in any form) struggle a lot. The image many have about child abuse is that a stranger jumps out of the bush to kidnap or attack a child. The sad truth is that it mostly happens within close or broader family and friends circles. Christmas…… Continue reading Re-Blog: A survivors note (Attention might trigger)

Why are you so surprised?

June 2019 Other topics might overtake the media right now but we need to keep shouting and that is why I re-post this one time and time again January 2018 I wrote this post in 2014 after disclosure of “just” another abuse scandal with some celebrities and/or politicians. In 2017 I decided not to write…… Continue reading Why are you so surprised?

I hear your call?

Bees prompt for me this week is, I hear your call! So well, here goes, heres my attempt at a poem using this prompt! Tweet, tweet as I sit In the early morning hours Tapping on my laptop There you are Outside my windows Pretty birds I hear your call!

Poetry. Scared stiff

Scared stiff to go to sleep To move an inch Scared stiff To make a sound To walk around This house feels So uninviting Scared stiff To be me To just be free Why do I Feel so terrified? Just scared stiff?To go to bed

Carol Annes poetry prompt from Bee…

This week Bees poetry prompt for me was “The ravens gather over the moor”. This one was very challenging to me. But I am giving it a go anyway. In flocks they swoop In a big group Flying high In the sky Over the moor Lovely to look at Such calm it brings To see

Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…

Hello everyone. Its me, Carol anne, from the therapy bits blog. I am as you know a new contributor to bee’s blog. So the lovely Bee prompted me to write a poem using this prompt. My eyes listen to the light house in my mind” Ok so this was a tough one for me! But,…… Continue reading Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…