The Bee Writes… #amwriting diary 13.10.17

Yesterday, while cooking I was listening to a couple of TEDx-Talks about writing. One of which was Elizabeth Gilbert’s author of “Eat, Pray, Love” talk about “Your elusive creative genius”. She explains that in ancient Greece and Rome people did not believe that creativity came from within a person but that there was a being…… Continue reading The Bee Writes… #amwriting diary 13.10.17

The Bee Writes… #amwriting diary 23.9.17

Last week I was all into “rewriting my story”. This week I don’t feel it at all. You know, that motivation to consider myself a blogger, writer and reader who does her posts to her fullest potential and to read enough to do some more book reviews. I have just finished my #mentalhealth diary post…… Continue reading The Bee Writes… #amwriting diary 23.9.17

Doing it my way ~ The Bee’s #amwriting diary

Eight Months ago I decided to make 2017 The Year of Finishing unfinished projects. The year is nearly at the end and I feel I haven’t gone anywhere. And today I wanted to finish my little series 50 poets and writers to read before you are 50 (This series was re-published in 2018) and I…… Continue reading Doing it my way ~ The Bee’s #amwriting diary