Water swirls wildly

Water swirls wildlyLast leaves tumble through the wavesDeer stands still drinking🌊Wasser wirbelt wildDie letzten Blätter überschlagen sich in den WellenReh steht still beim Drinken🙋‍♀️🐝 #poetry #poem #Gedicht #anxiety #Angst #life

Poetry. Scared stiff

Scared stiff to go to sleep To move an inch Scared stiff To make a sound To walk around This house feels So uninviting Scared stiff To be me To just be free Why do I Feel so terrified? Just scared stiff?To go to bed

Seems…./Es scheint….

October 2018 Just had a 45-minute conversation with the bank and I am totally drained. Anxiety isn’t fun. So for today and maybe this week, I am going back to some blasts from the past to give myself some rest. 7 years ago, I was trying to find my balance too: January 2011 …that I…… Continue reading Seems…./Es scheint….

Music and Mental Health

This post was first published in January 2016: If you think about mental health issues and how to deal with them the first things that spring to mind are medication or talking therapies. Depending on where you live and how your health care system works those can be expensive and not available for everyone. Choosing…… Continue reading Music and Mental Health

When your mind blows up

I published this first in November 2015. While all this is true I am in a much better place today. Please seek help if your wellbeing is in a bad place: Find helplines here on my Pinterest Board When your mind blows up it is like trying to stop a tsunami breaking into your house…… Continue reading When your mind blows up