And Sisyphus cried

🌻 When we wokeReality’s mirror was broken AndGaia’s children picked up its shards.They cut their handsAnd the rivers ran red.They picked up it’s shards And the sky was burning.They cut their handsAnd the demons rose.They picked up its shardsAnd Sisyphus criedFor Gaia’s children inherited his curse Continue reading And Sisyphus cried

Done With Dying

The soul’s salt statueBurrows deep into a heartStaring at pastsOf missed opportunities.Lost at the crossroadBetween life & survival.One foot dancingThe other stuck in a guilty bog.Hear her calling:Choose life, my dear, choose life…But the voicesDrown out hopeLike tsunamis take the beaches.When the crows are callingSearch for the wild places In your heart and soul.Wait and … Continue reading Done With Dying