Eternal Love

I hope you are well my friends. I am in the middle of preparing for “Love Is In Da Blog” and I remembered this poem: Love is eternalAnd everywhereYou justNeed to lookWith your heart. What else is there to say? Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

Nature Calls

Well, not in the usual sense my dears. Just in case you thought I do a toilet post. 😂 Nope, I thought maybe I try out a nature poem as I thought today how much closer to it we live now. Sun, wind, snow & rain Twirling in eternal dance Life is still sprouting Please,…… Continue reading Nature Calls

How Hard Can It Be?

I surmise these are the most famous last words ever spoken. We usually do not try out what we think isn’t that hard. However, when we do, we often experience interesting surprises. Cold nights & old dreams We stay in our dream home But we need comfort We certainly did, but maybe that was a…… Continue reading How Hard Can It Be?

Nothing Makes Sense

Do you know this situation? You lay in bed but can’t sleep, and your thoughts run around in circles? Sometimes when you get really, really tired, you feel that all your thinking makes perfect sense, but it doesn’t really? Maybe it’s just me…. 😉 Night thoughts Poignant But Nothing Looks Like It Makes Sense May…… Continue reading Nothing Makes Sense

Quiet Day At Home

Happy Friday, all despite everything. I hope you are well, and if not, you are in my thoughts and prayers. In these last weeks, before we can get into the new house that needs much renovation, we enjoy some downtime and rest. I expressed that in a poem at the beginning of December when we…… Continue reading Quiet Day At Home

Moon & Stars Hold Gentle Court

Another week is nearly over, and Christmas is arriving scaringly fast. Maybe today is the day for you to take a minute with your favourite hot or cold beverage (depending on where you experience Christmas), sit down and relax. None of your chores will run away, you know 😉 . They’ll still be there when…… Continue reading Moon & Stars Hold Gentle Court

Kindled a Storm

You might have read that I am now also blogging on Patreon. Patreon is a page for creatives to share more personal things for followers, friends and fans who want to support that creative directly without buying things or adverts. You can join a tier and get different perks depending on your pay. I am…… Continue reading Kindled a Storm