Chisseled to Beauty

Happy Saturday all, despite everything. A month ago I was sitting at the window with a coffee ☕ sending you all love & light . Take good care of yourselves These rocks lay heavyOn Earth’s flightChisseled to beauty 🏔 Schönen Samstag Euch, trotz Allem. Vor einem Monat sass ich mit einem Kaffee ☕ am Fenster…… Continue reading Chisseled to Beauty

Confused Mother Tongue/Verwirrte Muttersprache

Yesterday, when I walked the dog I met an elderly gentleman with his dog. We met on a tiny path so we could not easily go around each other and he started to chat with me after he asked me where I came from. Turned out he spent some time in Germany in the 1960’s…… Continue reading Confused Mother Tongue/Verwirrte Muttersprache