One of the reasons…

… we decided against boat life 😦 Video credit: sort of interesting via YouTube Please like or even follow the creator to help him gain income for his work. Thanks. There are not many boatlifers who mention openly how much the canals have changed since 2020. He does and we think he is very…… Continue reading One of the reasons…

We Be Cruising

Hello, all you lovely people. How are you doing? How are you adjusting to all the changes thrown at us faster than ever before? I hope your creativity and outlook on life support you to find good solutions in life. As I said a couple of weeks ago we won’t be cruising. Well, at least…… Continue reading We Be Cruising

A Scottish Lady on The English & Welsh Canal system

Many of the newer BoatTubers used to live and travel in a van previously. Either the pandemic or simply wanting more space made them move to a boat. This was the reason for Kayleigh who did that move last year. She is now on her second boat but showed on her channel “Narrowboat & Lifestyle”…… Continue reading A Scottish Lady on The English & Welsh Canal system

Narrowboat Living is Mindful Living

One of my absolute 💯 favourite BoatTubers is Vanessa from “The Mindful Narrowboat”. She lives on her boat “Alice Grace” with her dog Zephyr and her partner. Vanessa loves the mindful slow living on the canals but shares her beautiful poetry and nature drawings in her journal on her vlog. There is always something quirky…… Continue reading Narrowboat Living is Mindful Living

I give you a month of YouTube, sorry ;-)

Hi peeps, how are you? I hope you survived ” The Very Random Challenge” in February. Again, thanks to all who made it great fun. So… Originally, I had planned to do a YouTube month in April to share the boatubers we are watching and some other interesting topics too. However, I changed my mind…… Continue reading I give you a month of YouTube, sorry 😉