Sing me a song of longing?

This week, Bee challenged me to write a poem using the prompt sing me a song of longing. So I shall try, not sure how good it will be, not really feeling the creative streak at the moment. sing me a song a song as I long for warmer days brighter times peaceful nights I

Ingermanson on “Why You Need A Weekly Review”

March 2019 I am a little more organised now but it’s still good to look back and learn 🙂 October 2017 Do you, like me, suffer from “organisation phobia”? You have brilliant ideas and even manage to write them down, however, when it comes to putting them into practice and organising yourself all hell breaks…… Continue reading Ingermanson on “Why You Need A Weekly Review”

Lean against… and listen Writing Prompt

This is a writing prompt I have used a lot and it is fun to do it over and over again. Feel free to copy it and use it for writing inspiration! I quote Kasey Mathews from the WANA group “Write to Heal” for this writing prompt: “With paper and pen, or computer handy, lean…… Continue reading Lean against… and listen Writing Prompt

FREE Writing Resources ~ Ginny Wiehardt on

December 2018 does not exist anymore but their resources have been moved to other places. So please, do not be confused that the links lead to “The Balance Career” instead of “” August 2014 Ever since I read my first short story (something really gruesome with a child’s coffin is all I can remember)…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ Ginny Wiehardt on

Carol Annes poetry prompt from Bee…

This week Bees poetry prompt for me was “The ravens gather over the moor”. This one was very challenging to me. But I am giving it a go anyway. In flocks they swoop In a big group Flying high In the sky Over the moor Lovely to look at Such calm it brings To see

Carol annes poetry challenge from the Bee…

This week, Bee gave me this prompt to write on. My thoughts wander to… It took a little bit of thinking, on my part, but now, here it is, finally! ❤ sitting, thinking my thoughts wander to to what? to so many things its hard to put down in a poem just one thing so