Friday is on my mind

Good morning friends, how are you doing? I am fine considering the muddled mind and tiredness. Am just back from a rather cold walk with Sherky around the field. We just managed to get back in time before the water people outside started their work. The sewage system around here is being updated and they…… Continue reading Friday is on my mind

Chuckle With Some German Shepherds

Hi peeps, how are you? I am currently not in a particularly conversational mood. Somehow I feel I need some seclusion to be able to listen to my heart and soul. But that doesn’t mean that I leave you high and dry without a couple of last vlogs that make us happy. Today’s is a…… Continue reading Chuckle With Some German Shepherds

1 AM late night ramble!

1 AM! Time for me To let my lab out For his nightly sniff Around the garden To see Will he do his thing And pee? But all he wants to do Is sniff, sniff There must be some nice smells On the grass I am loving The noises his little labby nose makes As

Horrid nightmares!

Hello all of you lovely bloggers! Well its 2:15 AM here in ireland, and I am wide awake, since I had an awful nightmare, about someone chasing me to kill me! I hate nightmares! 😦 But I don’t know anyone who likes them? ❤ So now I am awake and will make a cup of

Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne, the day I met Nitro

Bee has given me this awesome prompt to write on for this week, the prompt is, the day I met Nitro! For those who don’t already know, Nitro is my guide dog! 😀 So here goes! The day I met you The day you bounced into my life and my world Was October 26th 2012